Last Update 15. Jan 2016: I just read in the forum that VPNetMon is working well with Windows 10, 64bit, thanks to Jonny. So feel free to try it.

About VPNetMon
VPNetMon prevents unsecured connections after your VPN connection went down. It simply closes specified applications when the VPN connection is down (for example Ivacy or Relakks Service). If soft closing of the applications is not possible it will kill applications the hard way. So make sure to deselect any additional questions of your applications like "do you really want to quit?" when it's shutting down.  

How to install VPNetMon
Simply extract the zipped Files in a Folder of your choice and keep the structure of the files and folders as in the zip-file. Make sure MS Net Framework is installed (see download section for Net Framework version details). 

How to work with VPNetMon
Start VPNetMon.exe to run the program or generate a shortcut to VPNetMon.exe. At the first start you should select at least one application that you want to control or shutdown when your VPN is down. This can be done by clicking the "Opt" Button. Here you can browse for your application and check "Control". Click "Save" to save these settings. 

1. Now you should start your VPN connection if not already running. You can start your VPN connection with the button "Dial Up VPN" or with the method of your choice. Clicking the "Dial Up VPN" button might currently only work with clients connected to a router.

2. Next you can start the application by clicking the Button "A1". It is recommended to delete shortcuts to your application to make sure VPNetMon always runs with your application! 

Additional Information
If you are reconnected to the VPN VPNetMon will restart your application again automatically if you checked the option "Auto". Also VPNetMon will automatically start your Application when the VPN is available.

For running VPNetMon you need a VPN connection created already in the Network preferences.

Opt Dialog
You are able to select the time VPNetMon gives your applications for a controlled (=soft) shutdown. This time is displayed in milliseconds. In this time period you are not connected to the VPN service.

You have to select the first numbers of the IP address of your VPN provider. This number has to be different from the first numbers of the IP address of your Internet Service Provider. Choose 172 for Linkideo, 93 for Relakks or 1 for Ivacy for example.

The Auto Dial Up function dials your first connection in the Dial UP Menu when VPNetMon starts. Make sure this is your VPN connection. If your machine just startet VPNetMon will wait for 2 minutes before the Auto Dial Up starts.

The Paranoia modus increases the frequency of VPN checks (every 100 ms instead of 500 ms) but needs more system resources.

Screenshot of Rel 1.0